Full workflow for academic writing and editing: Bookend, Scrivener to Mellel 5


Finally, I integrate these three lethal weapons for academic writing: Bookend, Scrivener, and Mellel 5. I have done my master thesis and several journal articles these years with MS word. However, using Word to complete a thesis is really painful. The integration of Mendeley to MS word is quietly performed well. But MS Word in Mac is really annoyed. Besides, MS Word is a tool for word editing, not writing itself. Multiple buttons and functions distracted my focus.


Scrivener is a proper tool for writing, not only academic writing but best in fiction writing. The design and the concept of Scrivener are all for writing itself.


I have compared Mendeley to other Reference Management systems before. The last decisions for several turns were all Mendeley. Mendeley is pretty a good reference manager. It kept a thousand articles for me in my Macs and on the cloud.


When I decide to buy Bookend, I found an interesting software, Mellel. I downloaded it and tried it for a while, and these minutes changed my thought. The fluent Word processing in Mellel is not comparable to MS Word or LaTex. I just edited my document just in several hours.

The final process of my writing

Now, my whole process was crafted. I started by capturing the reference article in Safari and saved then to Bookend. I brainstormed the idea and made a road map in Scapple. I built the structure and started to fill-in in Scrivener. Finally, I exported the draft to Mellel for final editing.



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